With Blair Douglass


Golf Lessons Mesa AZ

Learn the game from one of the most experienced instructors teaching golf lessons Mesa AZ. Each lesson includes a 30 minute one on one lesson with video replay analysis. The swing is broken down mechanically. Just as importantly, Blair has a half a century fully involved in the game and has developed the ability to explain the psychology behind the swing. There are many complex actions and reactions that are broken down in the swing. All lessons include short and long game instruction. Buy lessons in bulk and save!


Half A Century Perfecting The Swing

Blair has over 30 years of experience teaching golf full time. Previously, he has spent four years playing tour golf abroad in Australia and Asia. He played all four years on a national championship team at the University of Houston. Wherever the tournament, Blair was considered one of the best ball strikers in the field. He got his start teaching golf in Texas for several years. Later, Blair moved to teach golf lessons Mesa AZ at Dobson Ranch, where he has primarily remained since.


Cause and Effect

Blair considers himself a fundamentalist teaching golf lessons Mesa AZ. Using video replay to break down the swing and point out what is holding you back from improving. Each student’s level and ability is different. The key to teaching golf is knowing how much information to give to a student at once. Every students level and physical ability is different. This knowledge can only be acquired through decades of teaching experience and is essential for progress and results. Practicing the drills outside of lesson time is paramount to a students progress. Over time, you will be given the knowledge and tools to succeed and shave strokes off your score. However, practice is a necessity to achieving your potential.